1 Year Photo Shoot

2 Oct

I don’t get out to go shopping much. We’re a one car family so if I wanted to go shopping I’d be taking away from family time at night or weekends. However, there was a day last year that I had the car from my husband for the day for doctor appointments. I was still pregnant with Chubba Bubba at the time, and I swung into Ross for a quick walk through to see if they had any gems. Boy did they have a gem! I happened to go on a day they were holding a sale on their home furniture and I found this gold:
Pink Chair for 1 year Photo ShootThe sale ticket had said $30 and I paced the store a few times trying to decide if it was worth it. I wanted it real bad. I could just see my little Roslyn seated on it, all dolled up. Her 1 year photo shoot was still months away and I was in love with a prop for her pictures. I thought to myself “$30… that’s about 1 nights worth of tips for me…” and decided to get it. When I walked up to grab it off the shelf, a second tag attached to it fell from behind. “$8” it read. EIGHT DOLLARS!!!!!!! NO BRAINER. I felt like I just found a steal and literally hugged it as I raced to the counter to check out.
I had a few outfits in mind for Roslyn to wear, but when it came time to do her photos nothing was coming together. Our family was going camping one weekend and I decided to bring the chair to get some nature shots with it. I grabbed a few pieces of clothing to throw together for a rustic chic look. What do you think?
Roslyn's 1 Year Photo Shoot

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