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New Years Wine Glasses

30 Dec

Every year for New Years I make our “cider” glasses personable for the guests at whatever party we attend. I usually use my vinyl but this year I think I’ll try etched glass. I’ll let you know how it goes!!! Here’s a picture from 2009 to give you an idea (and hopefully inspiration) of what […]

Snowmen Cupcakes

25 Dec

Here’s a creative spin on the “melting snowman” food craft! This isn’t your sugar cookie melted snowman, this is your melting snowmen cupcakes! These adorable treats were created by a friend and posted on her family blog (meaning… not a craft or cooking blog), called Paralyzed With Joy (seriously, if you need a good read […]

Chalkboard Friday Countdown Mug

22 Dec

At work every year we do “Secret Birthday Pal”, where we fill out a “my likes” sheet and throw it in a bucket then draw someone else’s name. The week of that person’s birthday you secretly leave them little things of “their likes” and on their birthday reveal yourself with the big and final horray […]

Disney Sugar Cookie Stencil

21 Dec

There is something about the holiday season that just brings on so much baking! Hey, I’m not complaining! Not in the least bit. Growing up, my mom always spent days in the kitchen making every kind of cookie imaginable. She still does, and now that I live so far away she mails me a package […]

Disney Printable Gift Tags

18 Dec

How is all your holiday shopping going? I haven’t even started! Let alone wrapped anything yet. I’ve always been the shopping procrasinater. Mainly because for my husband and I, it’s always “Let’s not do anything big this year, there’s nothing we want or need” and then last minute I see something that screams “hubby!” that […]

Chalkboard Charger Plates

16 Dec

Pin ItIf you’ve been following my blog, you have probably noticed I love Chalkboard Spray Paint! I think it is just the neatest thing, and makes it so easy to customize any gift. Truthfully, I’ve only ever purchased one can of it. It has just lasted me a long time. One of the main reasons I […]

Shopping List Magnetic Pad

10 Dec

I saw this craft idea at Infarrantly Creative and decided to adapt it for myself! For a more detailed tutorial for making a tear off shopping list on a magnetic pad, visit Infarrantly Creative. For this next part of this post, I need to start with an apology. I did this craft during my lunch […]

Chalkboard Coasters

9 Dec

My tutorial of Stamped Coasters has been a big hit here at Small Fine Print. While browsing my favorite blogs I discovered a new coaster technique. A Thoughtful Place has taken a whole new turn on coasters! Introducing, the tutorial for Chalkboard Coasters! That’s right, Chalkboard Coasters! Genius, right? Now not only can you host a party […]

Mickey Snowman Cards

8 Dec

Calling all Disney fans! You won’t want to miss this adorable printable for Mickey Snowman Cards! The best part is that it is available to download for FREE!!!!! Here is a template and instructions to make the cutest Mickey Mouse Snowmen Christmas Cards!You’ll need:Mickey Mouse Snowmen Cards template (see below)ScissorsScrapbook paper or cardstock (white, black, […]

Dr. Seuss Puzzle Blocks

7 Dec

Sugar Bee Craft Edition has a really cool tutorial on how to make your kids a Dr. Seuss puzzle blocks set! This is a really cute activity made from an old Dr. Seuss book that might be missing some pages (or cover!), have been scribbled on or is otherwise not in perfect condition. Kids will […]