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Pregnancy “Sucks” Card

27 Jan

A friend of mine is pregnant with her 2nd child. She said this pregnancy is way worse than her first as far as morning sickness goes. For her it’s morning, noon and night sickness! I decided to put together a little something for her to make her smile. I found these “mommy pops” at Babies […]

Dog Bed

24 Jan

My mom has 3 dogs. 3 small YIPPY little dogs. 3 Dogs with 3 very different personalities, all three part chihuahua (to give you a sense of just how yippy they are….) Can you sense my annoyance towards them? Well, as annoying as they are they deserve a thrown bed like this!Marvelously Messy has a […]

Printable Valentine Cards

23 Jan

I’ve been working on a few Digi Crafts and have decided to share two printables with you today.Below are the documents- click, print, cut, fold, go! ­čÖé Hope you enjoy! Leave me some feedback, I’m working on some others for you and I’d like to know what you think!

Italian Style Stuffed Pasta Shells

22 Jan

Hello, Heaven… Mandy calling. Thank you for this recipe.┬áI’m not a total fan of cooking. I hate spending so much time working on something that disappears so quickly… or not at all! But this recipe for┬áItalian Style Stuffed Pasta Shells is so easy and not time consuming at all, that I don’t mind making it! […]

TCF Avocado Eggrolls Recipe

21 Jan

Who hasn’t been to The Cheesecake Factory? (That’s a sincere question)…. I have to say, I’ve only been a handful of times in my life but every time I go I order the Avocado Egg Rolls appetizer. It is a must order for me. No exceptions! You won’t understand how accurate this recipe is until […]

Easy Fondue Recipe

19 Jan

Back in my college days, we used to host a lot of fondue parties… we didn’t do anything special though, just melted chocolate chips in our small crock pot and fork dipped fruits and pretzels. This year for our work party, I think I’m going to upgrade from my “old school” tradition. Thanks to Oopsey […]

Twice Bakes Potatoes

17 Jan

Hmmmmmmmm I love me some baked potatoes. And I’m not going to lie (don’t judge) i’ve never had twice baked potatoes! I can only imagine they are “TWICE” as good as baked pototoes I’ve had! I can’t wait to try this EASY EASY EASY peasy recipe from I {heart} nap time!

Valentine’s Candy Card

13 Jan

When I was in elementary school, my teachers used to do fun Candy Cards for birthdays and since then I’ve always tried to recreate them in my mind in case I need a “go to” for a co-worker or what not. I just am not creative with words related to candy bars. Wo is me. […]

Lost Socks Laundry Room Aid

12 Jan

Pin ItI’ve seen this idea a hundred times before but usually it involved a wood plank you hang on your laundry room wall. I simply, do not have a laundry room. More like a laundry closet. No, smaller than a closet. Laundry… pantry? You get my point. I decided to take the idea and adapt […]

Subway Art

11 Jan

For those of you who do not have a CriCut or Silhouette, this tutorial is for you! My Repurposed Life created a Subway Art board, and unlike those tutorials you see out there of using vinyl, she used Tracing Paper and paint! I’ve used tracing paper before, it is super easy! So don’t be afraid […]