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Popcorn Ball Treats

29 Sep

Are you ready for the best popcorn ball recipe to have ever existed? Well, you are about to get it! What’s more, I’m going to show you how to make it into a cute gift for neighbors or teachers.Apple Popcorn Balls (perfect for teachers!) and Pumpkin Popcorn Balls Here we go! What you’ll need:3/4 cup […]

HGTV Pumpkin Tips

28 Sep

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Yesterday’s post had raised some questions about how safe it really is to use that method to preserve your pumpkins. Just in case you felt uncomfortable trying that method, I’ve found some safer methods for you! HGTVhas many tips and tools for your pumpkin carving and preservation- but here are some tips for the preservation […]

Autumn Rolling In

19 Sep

Before I start posting new autumn decor, crafts and recipes let’s take a quick glance at passed features: Lorajean’s Magazine,: Super easy leaf garland tutorial Make and Takes Autumn Leaf Pillow¬† ¬† My Computer is My Canvas “Fall” in love with your hubby free printable Gwenny Penny Autumn Mini Banner and Muffin Toppers

Back To School Youth Activity

15 Sep

I participated in the planning and decorating a “Back To School” activity for the youth. We started with a “High School” theme and planned out subjects and proper high school decor from there. Take the tour:We started with Homeroom. Here the teens had a lesson about things you pack in your backpack for school- and […]

How To Dye A Disc (golf)

7 Sep

Mr. Coffey is huge on Disc Golf. It’s not a very popular sport, so don’t feel bad if you have no idea what I’m talking about. You all know the game of golf though, right? Picture that, but get rid of the club and ball- add a disc (don’t say frisbee! that’s a cuss word […]

Patriotic Fruit Kabobs

6 Sep

How was everybody’s Labor Day weekend? We had a blast! My entire immediate family was together, and all day we just played games, swam, ate, and talked. It was too fun. I decided to get patriotic for Labor day and I made a little side dish for our breakfast of french texas toast. I made […]

Owl Cupcakes

3 Sep

I have a new pet peeve. I can’t stand it when someone “pins” something on pinterest without pinning the direct source. I’ve seen pins from sources of just the jpg, pins of the blogs home page and not the direct post, etc. So when I click to see the source or instructions, all I get […]

How To Make Hair Headbands

2 Sep

My poor child is bald. Not bald, bald. Not as bald as I was as a baby. I don’t think I grew hair until I was almost 3!!! My Jo has a weird military mullet, as been previous described by a passerby. Thanks, stranger. She has nothing on the sides, pin straight strands on top, […]