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We Can’t All Be The Princess |Vinyl|

31 Dec

All our boxes may not be unpacked yet, but I’m getting vinyl back up on my walls! Our new home has neutral color walls, so eventually we’ll get creative with paint colors but until then- vinyl, vinyl, vinyl!!! My daughter Jolene sure is a character. She is very strong willed and knows what she wants […]

Mama’s Chore Chart

27 Dec

It was time for me to get serious about staying on top of things around here. After viewing many pieces of inspiration in blogland, I’ve created my very own Mama’s Chore Chart. Similar to what mom’s often create for their kids, this is my little go to chart I created for myself. And I’ve made […]

Falling Down House: Cleaning Tips

20 Dec

Need some help organizing your chore list before your Holiday Guests arrive? I’ve found the following links at Falling Down House blog that are sure to have your home cleaned and in tip top shape before the big day!!!! Falling Down House: Daily and Weekly 30 minute chores – A printable checklist to get your […]

Cookie Countdown

1 Dec

Having a fun Christmas Countdown in the house is fun for kids, but this Cookie Countdown jar can be yummy too! U Vinyl has the tutorial to make this Cookie Countdown jar. This puts a fun spin on Christmas Advent Calendars and can be easily made with just a few supplies- check it out! What You’ll […]