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No Soliciting Sign |Vinyl|

6 Jan

I can’t find my template for my No Soliciting Sign I did on our apartment- it was a good one though! I even mailed one by request to a reader! It was a first for me, having someone want me to send something to them. It was very flattering….Living in a house we get many […]

Determines What We Become |Vinyl|

4 Jan

My one regret with this vinyl is I failed to put the author of the quote at the bottom. I plan on going back and fixing it, but just for the record this quote is from Dieter F. Uchtdorf. I love how subtle this vinyl is in the bathroom. It’s the accent color to the […]

My Computer Is My Canvas: Primary Printables

3 Jan

Even when I’m strapped for time, My Computer is My Canvas is a staple blog I look at. The creator, Colette, creates THE most beautiful (and downloadable!) pieces for holidays, birthdays, kids activities, and LDS Primary handouts! Seriously, go check out her blog out. You won’t regret it. With this New Year it’s time to […]

Please Excuse The Mess… |Vinyl|

1 Jan

One of my favorite things about this new house we bought is the giant loft. It is the width of the entire house and the length of the downstairs living room and dining room. There are so many things we could have done with such a large room, but we decided a huge play room […]