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Chalkboard Menu Board

28 Feb

While this particular frame won’t work for every household, the idea  for this Chalkboard Menu Board does! You see, my mom has a special system for her household- we used to call her microwave mom growing up cause she hates cooking so if it was microwavable, she usually bought it for dinners. She has a […]

DIY Powder Laundry Detergent Recipe

27 Feb

My previous post of Liquid Laundry Detergent Recipe was such a huge hit, I had people actually requesting the powder version. How much do you love me? … Cause I’ve got a powder recipe for you. Mind you, the liquid version comes out to be .028 cents a load which is the best value, this […]

Sunday Sunshine

26 Feb

A couple of the blogs I have on my reader do something like this every Sunday, so I’ve decided to adapt my own version of it. What is “it”? Sunday Sunshine! Each week I’ll have a theme in mind of something happy and uplifting. I’ll find a quote or two, create a printable or “pinnable” […]

Butterscotch Breakfast Pull Apart

20 Feb

I have a love/hate relationship with craft or recipes gone bad. I hate that I can’t do it correctly, but I love that I get to post what NOT to do for my readers. Are you ready for a recipe how-to not? This recipe is originally from Falling Down House– so if you want to see […]

Valentines Day No Stress Gift

18 Feb

My husband hates expectations, especially when it comes to holidays. I have to say, I must agree. What makes February 14th’s dinner out more special than yesterday’s? Because the media tells you it means more on that day? That if you don’t do something special on that day, you are not loved or do not […]

Candied Pecan Cinnamon Rolls Recipe

16 Feb

Candied Pecan Cinnamon Rolls Recipe

I used to make these a lot when we lived in Missouri, but for some reason this first attempt of making Candied Pecan Cinnamon Rolls in Arizona was almost a fail! Don’t get me wrong, they were still edible and completely yummy. But, they lacked eye appeal. You’ll see what I mean as I show […]

Star Trek and Power Ranger Onesies

15 Feb

I had the privelage of meeting my nephew Dominic for the first time a couple weeks ago. I’m kind of known in my extended family for personalized onesies and t-shirts. What can I say? I love my silhouette and I know how to use it! 🙂 Don’t be a hater.Dominic was no exception to my […]

How To Make Bath Fizzies

14 Feb

I like calling them “Bath Bombs” better but for some reason repeating that second “b” word on the internet scares me, haha! So we shall call them Bath Fizzies.This recipe is incredibly simple, and apparently a HUGE hit. I gave these away to my sisters, mom and a friend for Valentine’s day and so far […]

Special K Treats Recipe

13 Feb

The curse of an office job- finger food snacks that leave you asking for the recipe! This is a Special K Treats Recipe floating around my husband’s office. Someone brought some in, and my husband insisted I keep the recipe for future use. So, I whipped them up last weekend for Superbowl Sunday. It is […]

Football Cupcakes

10 Feb

Have you seen those new boxed cupcakes with the filling called Fundamiddles? Mmmm I just love those. I’m not even sure what “flavor” that filling is but it is divine! They make filled cupcakes so easy (I am not paid to say that, it is just truly my opinion!). Superbowl Sunday was a great excuse to […]