Archive | February, 2012

DIY Coloring Wallpaper

8 Feb

What do you do when there is that certain wall your toddler just LOVES to color on? Besides the obvious- time out, “no no no”, do the crime pay the time (cleaning it up) techniques? You may not agree with this as a parenting technique, and that’s okay, I was just trying to survive the […]

Welcome Guests Basket

7 Feb

My husband’s brother, his wife and baby came to stay with us this weekend. The men attended the Waste Management Open while us women and babies stayed home and relaxed. I’ve had 3 guests come and stay in my new (to me) home now, but with these guys I finally felt like I was settled in […]

Toddler Chalk Activity

6 Feb

It’s not necessarily hard for me to find things to entertain my toddler, but it is hard for me to keep finding things that will entertain her. She’s like her dad, in that, once you’ve done it it’s time to find something bigger and better to attempt. This past week we visited our local library for […]


4 Feb

This may not seem like a big deal to you, but for me this felt huge. In November 2010, when I started this blog, I had high dreams of it becoming big. Not because I wanted to become popular or famous, but because I loved the idea of other people liking my ideas. I saw […]

Update On Fabric Softner Post

4 Feb

I just wanted to update my Fabric Softner Post…. It is all A.O.K. people, I repeat, A.O.K.! I have found my sponges! They did NOT get sucked into the dryer or eaten by the dryer ducts. They, in fact, were eaten by socks and pillow cases! Of which they went undetected and were not found […]

Families Are Forever |Vinyl|

3 Feb

One of the simplest gifts to give are those containing vinyl! At least for me… and I love doing it! It’s a cheap alternative for wedding gifts when money is tight- and, who doesn’t love home decor? I mean really? All you need is a good piece of wood and your silhouette (not paid to say […]

Bonzai Bar

1 Feb

My friend Laura has a tiki bar in her backyard that she asked me to make a sign for… I’m not going to lie, I’m pretty happy with it. The clip art I found via Microsoft Word, and the font I already had as well. She asked me to put “Laura’s Bonzai Bar” instead of […]