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Very Pinteresting….

26 Mar

I feel like this blog is always on a roller coaster. One week I’ve got hits gallore! The next it is a ghost town. What a love/hate relationship you are all causing me. Just kidding. I know it’s my own fault because I sometimes have weeks of FABULOUS ideas and the next it is like […]

Toddler Color Match Activity

26 Mar

My Disney Color Match Game was quite the hit. I decided to show you the other color match activity I made (for all you non-Disney fans). It has the same concept as the Disney Game, just simplified and not using any character. What you’ll need: Color Paper (I used paint swatches) Hot Glue Clothes Pins I […]

Sunday Sunshine

25 Mar

I’m love thinking and pondering (and attempting) self improvement. I’m not stranger to flaws, I’ve got plenty, but the more I try to work on them the more I feel like I can make a little improvement every day. My past is not free of mistakes, I am in no way an innocent person. All […]

Best Cake Pops Recipe

21 Mar

Cake Pops

I’ve had my eye on this new trend of “cake pops” but I never dove in head first because I didn’t want to commit to all the equipment you need to make them. And then my sister brought home an experiment for us to try- cake pops with OUT the cake pop pan/appliance. What you […]


17 Mar

or This post is going to be a bit of a P.I. post (personal information) but I felt moved enough to share. You can probably see that I was a bit M.I.A. this week (tired of my acronyms yet?) and I have a really good excuse. Not that I feel like I ever need to explain myself […]

Toddler Color Match Game

12 Mar

Color Pins Toddler Match Activity

My little one is sure getting into her ABC’s, 123’s, Shapes and Colors. Of course, right now every color is “blue” unless you say “point to the green, which one is green?” then she gets it right. I decided to make a help aid for her. It all came to me at once when I […]

Sunday Sunshine

11 Mar

Pin It Mary Englebreit“Worrying does not empty tomorrow of its troubles… it empties today of its strength”

Hand Soap Dish Soap Decal

9 Mar

If you’re fancy like my mom, you have two soaps next to the kitchen sink. One for your hands, and one for the dishes. If you’re not fancy, like me, sometimes you mistaken the non-translucent one for lotion because the translucent one is obviously the soap. Sigh. Am I alone in this mishap? Please tell […]

DIY Homemade Dishwasher Detergent

5 Mar

Pin ItI suppose that with buying a new house came a lot of need for cleaning supplies but wanting to try out ways to save a dime or two. While I have to update my posts for Laundry Detergent with my most recent feelings on them since it has been a month or two, I […]

SO Whatcha Think?

4 Mar

Notice anything different? Well, if you are reading this via RSS or Google Reader you won’t unless you click the title and go directly to my page. We’ve remodeled Small Fine Print! Doesn’t it look awesome? My husband is so amazing for constantly helping me with the technical stuff around the website. I think this […]