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Very Pinteresting… Tips & Tricks

30 Jun

My pinterest board titled “Tips & Tricks” has been BOOMING lately. I just keep stumbling upon fantastic ideas that will save me time and money, or are otherwise just plain clever! I couldn’t hold it in any longer- it is time for a “post vomit”, or in other words, over load of ideas in one […]

I have always known it was you |vinyl|

29 Jun

Are you ready for a love story? My husband and I grew up down the street from each other in California. We have siblings of similar age that were always hanging out and over at each other’s homes. Our mom’s were best friends. Any new household rule or chore was tested out in both homes, […]

Fourth Of July Shirts

24 Jun

4th Of July Shirts

Independence Day is 2 weeks away and I thought it would be fun to make some cute 4th of July shirts for my girls using the new Rhinestone kit from Silhouette. This was a promotional post I wrote as a contributor for Somewhat Simple.  This first one featuring the statue of liberty and text “Home […]

Proverbs 3:5-6

21 Jun

One of my Aunt’s asked me to help her with a vinyl project for my cousin. My cousin’s favorite scripture is Proverbs 3:5-6, and my aunt wanted to make her something for her apartment with the scripture on it. I just love it when someone asks me to do a vinyl project for them. I truly […]

Desktop Gumball Machine

17 Jun

My Father’s Day gift to my dad this year was a homemade desktop gumball machine (candy dish, my dad doesn’t chew gum). My dad has a vintage gumball machine at his house that the grandkids love to ask for a quarter for and then get Trix Cereal out of (hehe). I decided to make him his own […]

Gag Gift For Dad

17 Jun

Not all Father’s Day gifts are meant to be sentimental or thoughtful. Sometimes, Dads just need a good laugh. My dad is no exception. Lucky for him, I married a comedian (at least I think so). Last year, I made my dad an apron out of old trousers (see here) because my dad loves to […]

DIY Lace Crown Photo Prop

15 Jun

For Roslyn’s 1 month baby pictures, I decided to make a photo prop. Allow me to show you how to make a Lace Crown like this: Supplies You’ll Need: LaceGlossy Accents Paint Fine Glitter Glue First, I measured my baby’s head. I wasn’t sure what kind of look I was going for. I knew it […]

Dad Passes

12 Jun

Brought to you by Looking for a fun and creative Father’s Day gift that costs next to nothing? Check out these printable Dad Passes – tickets to use to get out of chores or to use towards play time with kids! I love it- they are adorably designed and can easily be made into […]

Baby Hair Headbands |Revisited|

12 Jun

Remember my tutorial on making Baby Hair Headbands? It’s the craft that keeps on giving! 😉 My youngest sister had her first baby last December. Her now 6 month old is still bald as can be! (except for the random patch of peach fuzz on top) So, being the bestest Aunt that I am, I […]

I’m 2 Shirt

6 Jun

During the chaos that often occurs when you bring a newborn home, my daughter also turned two! I had high hopes for her birthday party this year. I was going to go all out. I had a theme (Little Einsteins… she’s obsessed), and the funds to go crazy (we had saved up, we even wanted […]