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A Little Bit Of Heaven On Earth |Vinyl|

19 Sep

Angel Baby Quote in Vinyl

When we first moved into our house, I needed a way to hide that fact that our bedroom doors were basic builder grade (…some day we will upgrade) so on my eldest’s door I had put a little vinyl quote that I thought was fitting for our girl. I wanted to wait to do our other […]

Candy Corn Treat Packaging

18 Sep

With all the classroom Halloween parties that are bound to happen, here’s a quick but cute way to package up candies for your kids to take to school! Candy Corn Treat Packages that are downloadable and printable. To make it, download the template (see below), use a color printer to print it onto standard printer […]

Prevent Boiling Over

17 Sep

Water Boil Over

I had a pin on my Tips & Tricks board that I decided to put to the test while cooking dinner Saturday night. The pin said if you leave a wooden spoon laying across your pot of boiling water, the water wouldn’t boil over. I am willing to try  anything that claims to help prevent boiling over. […]

Backyard Deck

16 Sep

DIY Deck

Our backyard is finally moving along again. Our Pergola was finished this past May, and we had been planning on the deck being next ever since. We had the frame work up for the deck for a couple months now- but lots of things were popping up, pushing the deck on the back burner. We […]

DIY Hide-A-Key

15 Sep

Homemade Hide A Key

I don’t know about you, but I love it when my posts have a personal story to go with it. Not all of my projects have a long story or reason to accompany them, but when they do it is always a lot more fun to talk about. Lucky you (or not), today is one […]

How To Create A Rhinestone Design

14 Sep

Remember my Fourth Of July shirts I made where I used Rhinestones on part  of the design but not all of it? The Statue Of Liberty shirt is all iron-on vinyl except her torch. The torch is rhinestone. This was done before I had been given the upgrade for the Designer Edition software that includes the […]

Creating A Basic Card Cut Out

13 Sep

Okay, don’t laugh. I uploaded my first video tutorial on YouTube. This has been in the works for a while now, but I just wasn’t sure what tutorial to start with. I’m feeling slightly insecure about this decision but because I had some inquiries on how to do certain things, I decided it was not a […]

Cupcake Cards

12 Sep

Cupcake Card with Layering Ribbon

I made my first homemade card! I started my Card Board on pinterest a while back and there sat some inspiration for a while. When my aunt asked me to make some for her, it was a great excuse to get creative. The only bummer is that my supplies are still lacking. Some day I’ll […]

Fabric Koi Fish T Shirt

11 Sep

Koi Fish T Shirt

I’ve been waiting to do this project for a long time. I was waiting until I could find the perfect fabric for the perfect image. I found a 99 cent fabric squares at Wal-Mart that when I looked at it, I immediately thought “My koi fish image!”… of course referring to the image on Silhouette […]

Instagram Polaroid Keychain

10 Sep

Instagram Polaroid Keychain Frame

Ever notice how instagram’s photos are square? You can’t put them in frames without having empty space. I thought of an idea to make Instagram Polaroid Keychain frames using shrinkee dink paper. I had some paper left over from my cuff links project that I used. On the directions for shrinkee dink paper, it says […]