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Baby Ornament Photo Shoot

20 Dec

Baby Ornament Photo Shoot

I’m walking through Jo Ann’s with my dad one day when we had this brilliant idea for Z-man’s Christmas photo shoot. Rather than stuffing a baby in a stocking or wrapping like a present, we wanted to make him an ornament! We quickly text my cousin Mallory over at Griffin Handspun to see if she […]

Straw For The Manger Christmas Story & Activity

19 Dec

Straw For The Manager- a Christmas tradition with story and activity

When my brother was in cub scouts (ding back the early 90’s), his troop made something that would become a family tradition. It was called Straw for the Manger, and it had a poem about creating a manger of straw by doing good deeds unnoticed. Every year we would put out the small wooden manger (empty) and […]

Baby Girl Cookie Art

18 Dec

Cookie Art by Monica's Sugar Cookie Delight

There is something about cake and cookie art that amazes me. It takes such great talent to be able to decorate on such a small canvas. When the show Cake Boss first aired, I was in heaven. Who knew someone could do such outrageous things to cake? Then I began seeing low key sugar cookie […]

Reverse Burnt Toast

17 Dec

Burnt your toast? Easy fix!

My kids hate burnt toast. Heck, I hate burnt toast. There are few people who like the taste of burnt anything! Except maybe my mom. She likes the taste of burnt toast. I think it’s from growing up in a family of 11 kids…. burnt toast or no toast! You pick! Just kidding….. half just […]

Beaded Icicle Ornament

12 Dec

Beaded Icicle Ornament tutorial- easy for the kids! Pipe Cleaners and Beads, twisted around a pencil to shape

My parents do a mini preschool with the daycare girl and my daughters a few times a week. This past week, my dad was in charge of the craft activity. They made the easiest Christmas tree ornament that the even my 18 month old enjoyed putting together. Once again, I turn the blog time over […]

How To: Pack Young Kids For Travel

6 Dec

How to pack young kids for travel

Have any big travel plans in the works? Let me tell you something I achieved over the summer that I fully plan on accomplishing again and again. I successfully packed 3 kids (3 yrs and under mind you) for 4 days away into 1 carry-on luggage. Yes, I sure did. Don’t believe me? Allow me […]