Archive | January, 2014

Custom Power Wheels Car

7 Jan

Custom Power Wheels Car

For my niece’s birthday, some relatives went in together to get her a power wheels car. The coolest part about her car, is that it comes with a remote control for mommy and daddy. So until she learns to drive it herself, mom and dad can drive her in it. When she learns to use […]

Metal Bed Frame Padding

3 Jan

In the girls’ room, the mattress set is on a metal bed frame. Time and time again, mostly in the middle of the night, we’d hear Joee yelp as she stubbed her toe or cut her heel on the exposed metal leg. Even I have had my run ins with this evil contraption. Do you […]

Kitchen And Dining Room Combo Style

2 Jan

Kitchen Before And After Photo

For my birthday, my mom helped me add some style to my kitchen/dining room combo. It was time to add color to the walls in this uniformed neutral painted home. Because our kitchen and dining room share a wall, we decided that would be the painted accent wall. I wanted something that would pop, but […]

Entry Way Gallery Wall

1 Jan

Entry Way Gallery Wall

For a month or so, we were really on a decor kick around the house. I was really excited to take an idea I had and run with it with the help of birthday gift cards. I knew I wanted a large family initial and pictures of the family surrounding it. I wasn’t expecting it […]