8 Not Too Spooky Halloween Activities For Kids

6 Oct

While Halloween can be fun for most kids, usually older kids, it can be dreadful for this mother of 3 under the age of 5. My kids enjoy dressing up in character costumes and they enjoy seeing pumpkins everywhere, but they absolutely hate witches, skeletons, ghosts, etc. For this reason, Halloween is more of the month of shielding eyes as we walk into stores or as we pass houses than it is a festive event. I received an email today from Family Education with the subject line “8 Not Too Spooky Halloween Activities For Kids” and was eager to open it. I want to teach my kids the fun behind Halloween without traumatizing them for life (or even just years). They’ve compiled a decent list including fun Halloween treats to make. 
Go check it out!

Family Education: 8 Not Too Spooky Halloween Activities For Kids


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