A Grandma’s Love

15 Aug

My mom’s birthday is coming up, and as usual I wanted to make her a gift. I found this quote and knew it was a keeper. My mother is a fantastic grandmother. She loves her grandbabies¬†so much and makes it known. When I was pregnant with my first, she drove from Arizona to Missouri, and slept on a twin mattress in the back of her minivan in the parking lot of the hospital waiting for the arrival of my first (her third grandchild). She wanted to be right there and ready when we gave her the word, even though it was the middle of the night. With my second, she was in charge of watching my first since I went into labor just after dinner. I had no idea she wanted to be called down to the hospital with my toddler when Roslyn arrived, and she was so bummed she missed it. Still, she made it down within the hour after we texted her. She is a very, very dedicated grandma. Like most grandmas, she is constantly thinking of her grandkids and finding ways to show her love. She has said before, “There is no love like a grandma’s love” – so this quote is extremely fitting. “I never knew how much love my heart could hold ’til someone called me Grandma”

Grandma's Love


Sometimes when I make something in vinyl, I sell it on a local site (I prefer selling local, I hate dealing with shipping). This was one hot item! I had people asking for me to change it to “Nana”, “Grandmum”, “Grammy”, and even “Grandpa”. Here is another one I did for a buyer, where I added a clip art:

Grandma Quote

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