Hello, I’m Mandy, creator of Small Fine Print. 

Updated 12/7/2016:

I am overwhelmed with the outreach I have received in the past few months! The first and foremost thing to address is, no, I do not blog anymore 🙁 I haven’t for some time…. years even. I was once a stay at home mom doing my crafty thing and since have become the single working mom struggling to find time to make those cute gifts let alone blog about them.

The next question that seems to be asked often in your emails, YES you have my permission to use anything on my site (EXCEPT PHOTOS that have my children, ex husband, or myself in them).

Lastly, as a general blanket statement, no I am not interested in blogging anything special for you on my site or as a guest on yours. I simply do not have the means to provide that kind of commitment at this time. I appreciate your understanding in advance and hope you continue to enjoy the ideas shared on Small Fine Print.

If you’d like to contact me, you may email me at mandy@smallfineprint.com
Meet Kimberlyn!

Kimberlyn Designs on Small Fine Print

Kimberlyn is an Interior Design student who found passion in creativity and use of colors. She can find a DIY opportunity from junk, and has frequently turned a drag room into the dream room. She loves colorful decor and rearranging furniture to flatter a room. You can find her here on Small Fine Print for Design Tips and Tricks.