Always Kiss Me Goodnight

24 Sep

A friend of mine has had a very stressful and trying month. Less than a year after moving here, they sold their house and bought a new one (down sizing to a smaller one story). The week before the big move, her husband has not 1 but 2 heart attacks. He was scheduled for a second surgery the week before they were to turn their keys over at close of escrow. Needless to say, I tried every where I could to help ease some of the stress. I was able to finish their move while they were away (with the help of loving family members of course). While at their new house, I noticed a framed saying on their nightstand. It looked as though it had broken in the first phase of the move (I would have felt so guilty if it happened in the phase I was in charge of!). XoX Always Kiss Me Goodnight XoX

Always Kiss Me Goodnight xox


I decided I wanted to vinyl this above their bed as a surprise before they got home from their long and agonizing trip to Utah for heart surgery. I tried to craft it as close to the framed art as possible. Here’s how it turned out:

Always Kiss Me Goodnight

I used a font called “Ridiculous” which I had downloaded for free but it is no longer available. The “O”s in XOX I replaced with hearts from my Silhouette Sweetheart Portfolio CD (which I bought years ago before it was discontinued).

They got home this morning and have already text me that they found it and love it. I hope it brought smiles to their faces after the emotional and physical torture they have been through.

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