Baby Girl Cookie Art

18 Dec

There is something about cake and cookie art that amazes me. It takes such great talent to be able to decorate on such a small canvas. When the show Cake Boss first aired, I was in heaven. Who knew someone could do such outrageous things to cake? Then I began seeing low key sugar cookie decorations, and eventually very elaborate cookie art. My obsession never ceased. So when I found out there was a local lady who did cookie art, I had to find an occasion to use her. For you local Maricopians, her name is Monica and she runs the business Monica’s Sugar Cookie Delights.
She is wicked talented, and can create themed cookies for any event or occasion. My cousin Stephanie over at just had her 5th baby, a baby girl she named Addison. I thought “no better excuse to have Monica whip up some adorable baby girl cookies!”…. so I threw in my order and collaborated with Monica to think of the ideal cookie set.
Cookie Art by Monica's Sugar Cookie Delight

A glitter tutu onesie cookie, a monogram cookie and her name. How adorable are they!? I mean, she really did a great job. The color frosting is very vibrant, she even used edible glitter. I’m so obsessed with Monica’s talent.

Cookie Art by Monica's Sugar Cookie Delight Cookie Art by Monica's Sugar Cookie Delight

Here’s just a snippet of her other creations just to show you how precise and intense these cookie art pieces can be. 

Cookie Art by Monica's Sugar Cookie Delight

And according to Stephanie, they taste good too! So happy I found a local cookie artist to take advantage of. If you know me personally, you can probably expect cookies for every celebration now. Plus, I like to think I’m supporting my community by “shopping” locally 😉

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