Baby Ornament Photo Shoot

20 Dec

I’m walking through Jo Ann’s with my dad one day when we had this brilliant idea for Z-man’s Christmas photo shoot. Rather than stuffing a baby in a stocking or wrapping like a present, we wanted to make him an ornament!
Baby Ornament Photo Shoot
We quickly text my cousin Mallory over at Griffin Handspun to see if she could make us a beanie hat of an ornament topper. As she got to work on that, we were on the hunt to make an ornament big enough for my 18 lb  seven month old to fit in. At Wal-Mart in the party supplies, I found two large bowls that I knew would work. They were deep, and the tops didn’t have a lip to them. The next obstacle would be how we could attach the two of them together without a huge goopy glue line. We also needed a way to cut a hole in the thick plastic for his big body to fit in, and his little head to poke out of. My dad has a buddy with a work shed/barn. When the two of them get together, they create brilliance. I let them figure out the bowl situation and I started collecting photo props for around our giant baby ball. Our local 99 cent store had not only the giant ornaments, but tinsel too that we could put inside the bowl Z-man sat in.
The ornament topper beanie that Mallory made was genius! The handle on top was firm and stood up on it’s own. The tip of the hat was firm and kept shape. She even did scalloped edges just like a real metal ornament topper, though here it isn’t pictures because I had to tuck it away from his curious fingers (he kept pulling it off his head).
Isn’t this just the cutest little ornament you’ve ever seen? 😉

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