Back To School Round Up

6 Aug

A sure sign that School Session is in the air- when every store is jam packed in the office supplies aisle! Haha. At least that was our experience here at Wal-Mart last night. So it got me thinking, what are some past ideas I had for Back To School or Teacher Appreciation? You know, things I’ve already done- not on my to do list. Here’s your round-up of Back To School fun from Small Fine Print!

A teacher’s gift: Popcorn Ball Apples (or you could do Rice Krispie Treats!)

I highly recommend checking out my Back To School Church Youth Activity we did last year:

Care Packages can be used for anything! Teacher’s will get a kick out of my play on words:

This project was originally for Father’s Day, but what Teacher wouldn’t appreciate it?!

Orrr… Hand out “Kisses” to your teacher’s and administrators (wink wink)



So, I’m curious (since I don’t have children in school yet) is it typical to give a 1st Day Of School gift? Or is that a new trend I’m noticing?

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