Backyard Curbing

7 Feb

For almost a year now we’ve been planning out our backyard curbing. Somehow it just simply kept getting pushed back on our priority list, but I am so happy to announce that this week (bright and early 7am tuesday morning!) we checked it off our list! Backyard Curbing


Our grass may be dead, we may need new trees (frost bitten from a harsh winter!…well, for Az…), we may be lacking in rock fill but our curbing is done! ¬†We chose a mower’s edge curbing shape and the color is considered “mesa buff” although it does take 72 hours to cure completely. I wish I could tell you we did this DIY, but mower’s edge is nearly impossible DIY. Not to mention, this took a landscaping company literally 30 minutes to complete. We felt it was well worth our money to skip out on our DIY plans for this part of our backyard.

Next on our list (in no particular order):

  • ROCK
  • retaining wall for that tree and dirt in the back corner that you can see in the picture
  • reseed the grass
  • outdoor kitchen
  • finish bocce ball court

At the current time we are picking out the kind and color of rock we want to use. Then we have to pick a weekend when we can get help wheeling it from the street (after dump truck delivers it) to the backyard.

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