Backyard Deck

16 Sep

Our backyard is finally moving along again. Our Pergola was finished this past May, and we had been planning on the deck being next ever since. We had the frame work up for the deck for a couple months now- but lots of things were popping up, pushing the deck on the back burner. We are rapidly reaching our 1 year anniversary in this house (our first house) and are just slightly behind on our goals we wanted to reach for the anniversary (having a baby will do that to ya…). I’m sure our neighbors and guests thought we were such slackers for having the frame work of our deck done since the spring, but we are soooooo happy to show it off now that it is done. Jonathan is such a hard worker- I am so appreciative of his skills to be able to pull this off on our own.

DIY Deck

We left an open border around the deck, framed in. We plan on filling it with smooth pebble rock to create a rock border. That gets completed when we order the rest of our backyard rock to be delivered, which comes after the curbing of our grass and yard-games court.

DIY Deck Features

Also completely done by my husband, was the electrical work behind the ceiling fan and post lights. He taught himself to work the wiring to get electricity out to the deck. There is now a ceiling fan on our porch and deck, and two park lights on each outer post of the Pergola.

Here are our backyard before and after photos thus far:

DIY Deck

He worked on it all day yesterday, and we sure began enjoying it right away. We ate our breakfast outside in the 70* weather on our new deck.
(Yes, our grass needs to be cut. We don’t own a lawn mower yet. We used to borrow my dad’s but I was recently in a car accident in the vehicle we used to transport the mower so we’re still thinking of plan B until we purchase a mower ourselves.) 

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