Backyard Lighting

30 Oct

After watching my dad do it once to his backyard, Jonathan hung lights in our backyard. It looks quite amazing! I think the amazing part is that there isn’t an extension cord involved, and there is no “extra” bulbs strung across half of another side. This backyard lighting involved splitting existing wire for the light switch power, and taping off the end exactly where we wanted the lighting to end. We purchased outdoor LED lighting, one box at $12.99. It isn’t glass, so we don’t have to worry about broken bulbs which is a relief to this mama who lives in a city with haboob season. Jonathan first strung them across our pergola posts. Then on one end, cut the wire where we wanted our lighting to end and finished it off with electrical tape.

Backyard Lighting

On the other end, he cut the wire and split it with existing electrical for the light switch.

Eventually, we may do the two sides with the same lighting. We are undecided at the moment due to the plans we have for activities on either side (one being a BBQ and one being a fire pit). For now, we are enjoying the ambiance of our new DIY backyard lighting.

Backyard Lighting

(it looks like some are missing, but I assure you that is a camera glitch, not an installation issue.)

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