Barbie Inspired Ski Condo Color Board

5 Mar

 Ever get one of those assignments that just sounds odd but ends up being a total blast to manipulate and create? That is exactly what this one was for me! The assignment was to create a Barbie Inspired Ski Condo Color Board, or in other words, the condo Barbie would stay in when she skied! 

Barbie Inspired Ski Condo Color BoardThis board is a bit bigger than my usual boards, because it had to contain every room in the condo! Trying to break Barbie of her stereotypical hot pink wardrobe, I incorporated different shades of pink and mixed in prints and colors that accented the Barbie we all know. This color board represents a new age Barbie. One with hip furniture and conversation starter decor. The animal print pieces and complimentary green solids give Barbie’s cliche pink a real pop.


Creating your own color board is simple. Browsing through magazines, keep clippings of the furniture you like- whether or not it is upholstered the way you like! While at the store, grab a couple paint swatches you are interested in. Some fabric stores will allow you to take sample squares home. Home improvement stores don’t always offer samples to go home with, but purchasing pieces of finishes or moldings won’t hurt the pocket book it’ll help you make sure it is what you want before investing in room size stock. Once you’ve begun collecting your supplies, place them on your board and start playing with different colors and patterns until you get the right feel.

 Hope this tiny hint was helpful! I’ve got more color boards coming your way, stick around! Questions? Leave a comment, I’d love to hear your thoughts!

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