Beaded Icicle Ornament

12 Dec

My parents do a mini preschool with the daycare girl and my daughters a few times a week. This past week, my dad was in charge of the craft activity. They made the easiest Christmas tree ornament that the even my 18 month old enjoyed putting together. Once again, I turn the blog time over to my dad to explain how to make these beaded icicle ornaments.
Beaded Icicle Ornament tutorial- easy for the kids! Pipe Cleaners and Beads, twisted around a pencil to shape

Take it away dad!


Beaded Christmas Tree Ornament
From Papa Bill

All you need are:

1) Pipe Cleaners (I used metallic silver, bag of 25 at Hobby Lobby for $1.47)

2) Christmas Ornament hangers (again, Hobby Lobby, 25 for $1.99)

3) Craft Beads (I chose clear plastic with small and medium beads and large
stars, Hobby Lobby, 358 pieces for $2.99).

4) Pony Beads (I chose silver and gold, small, medium and large, Hobby Lobby,
320 pieces for $3.99).
an easy ornament for kids to make- beaded icicle from pipe cleaners and beads... a great motor skill activity!

I gave each of the kids a small bowl with eight of each of the beads.

Then I bent a small knot at one end of the pipe cleaner and told the kids to feed the beads on
through the opposite end. I thought I would tell them which bead to place on and what order to do it. This lasted for two beads before I saw they paid no attention to me and if they had it wouldn’t have been their creation (smart kids). So, I told them they could leave space between every five or six beads or fill the whole thing up. They seemed to like filling the while pipe cleaner up, (looked better their way).
A great motor skills activity- beaded icicle ornament!

With about ½ of an inch left, I bent the pipe cleaner over the ornament hanger. Then, I used
the needle nose pliers and twisted it on.
beaded pipe cleaners- a great motor skills activity. Twist and you've got an icicle for your christmas tree!

With a pencil, I held the bottom of the ornament on the end of the pencil and wrapped the ornament around tightly. Then, slide the pencil out.
Bead a Pipe Cleaner, twist around a pencil and you've got a easy and cute icicle ornament

With a little shaping they had something they were very proud of!
While looking for supplies I thought of getting red beads, but wanting to keep it “Christmas-ie”. I kept with the silver and gold with clear as spacers. While making these, the girls asked for red and blue beads. So, perhaps a few more colors would have
worked as well (why not, they had been right on other parts of this!).
Beaded Icicle Ornament tutorial- easy for the kids! Pipe Cleaners and Beads, twisted around a pencil to shape

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