Bonzai Bar

1 Feb

My friend Laura has a tiki bar in her backyard that she asked me to make a sign for… I’m not going to lie, I’m pretty happy with it. The clip art I found via Microsoft Word, and the font I already had as well. She asked me to put “Laura’s Bonzai Bar” instead of “tiki bar” because of an old family inside joke where he dad would shout “BONZAI!” every time he took a shot. I think it is a cute saying whether you’re on the inside or outside of the joke though 🙂

That parrot was a hard one… so many little pieces to it! It didn’t want to come off the transfer paper, and when it did it’d move crooked. But it turned out so cute that it was worth the hassle!

I love this glass, with the umbrella, straw and lemon slice… lol so cute. The parrot and glass were just clip arts I found on the internet and cut with the craft Robo. Laura loves it! Which makes this project even more fun.

The wood plank part was a left over piece of wood that we had in the garage. I just sanded it down, shellacked it and added hardware on the back for hanging.

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