Bottle Diaper Cake

21 Nov

An alternative to the classic “Diaper Cake”, how about a Bottle Diaper Cake! This idea is incredibly simple and only takes as many diapers as you’d like to do. What’s more, you can do this in any color scheme you want. Is the new arrival a boy? girl? or a surprise? It doesn’t matter! Let me show you why…
How To Make A Bottle Diaper CakeYou pick the color, you pick the thickness and height. This can be made in any size scale and in any color scheme!

What You’ll Need:
20 diapers (5 diapers per roll, 2 rolls per bottle- I used size 1)
A pair of infant socks
Rubber bands (or I used elastic hair ties because they blended in better than a brown rubber band)

Here’s how I did it…

  1. Start by laying one diaper on top of the other- using 5 diapers.
  2. Roll them together in your fist and secure with a band. This is your bottom tier

For the top tier…

  1. Roll one diaper up and secure with a band.
  2. Pull a sock over the roll
  3. Place that roll in the middle of 4 other diapers laid out one on top of the other and roll them all up together


  1. Place the top tier on the bottom tier.
  2. Use a band or ribbon to pinch the top of the sock to form the bottle nipple appearance.
  3. Use ribbon to decorate the top of the tier to resemble the bottle ring.
  4. Use a longer piece of ribbon to tie both tiers together, bottom to top.

How To Make A Bottle Diaper CakeIt’s so simple but definitely unique! What mom doesn’t need diapers? That makes diaper cakes so practical. The addition of using infant socks is not only adorable but in my experience, the dryer eats those like candy. I could never keep enough infant socks on hand!

*also note: I did attempt this with washi tape instead of ribbon and it just didn’t hold like I had hoped. Ribbon is the best option I’ve found*

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