Brown Paper Packages Tied Up With String

12 Apr

I have never been good at gift wrapping. Wait, that’s not true. In high school, I worked at Hallmark for some time and we did gift wrapping there for a price. I got pretty good at it there. It is easier when you have all the fancy supplies to accompany the task. Let me rephrase my beginning sentence. Being poor, I am no good at gift wrapping (lol).
My sister’s birthday rapidly approached before I could think of what to get her. She’s so super easy to buy for, but that makes it so difficult! She’d love anything! And I wanted this to be unique in some fashion. SO! I gathered an empty box and headed to the store (or two or three stores…). I began buying things I knew she liked and that would fit in my box. Nail polish, face wash, Nutella To-Go, you know- the essentials.
I actually made a special stop at a grocery store that I rarely go to because they are the only ones in my small town that have paper bags! Whatever happened to “paper or plastic?”? I know, I know… “GO Green!”…. I’m all for it too, except when I need a brown paper bag! LOL!
This is what I came up with- please note: I couldn’t find real string without needing to drive 20 minutes into town and back, and I ran out of tape so all that was available was the non-see through kind :-/

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