Butterscotch Breakfast Pull Apart

20 Feb

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I have a love/hate relationship with craft or recipes gone bad. I hate that I can’t do it correctly, but I love that I get to post what NOT to do for my readers. Are you ready for a recipe how-to not? This recipe is originally from Falling Down House– so if you want to see the PRETTY version of the finished Bundt, go check her pictures out. My finished product, however, flopped right out of the pan and didn’t look nearly as delicious as it actually tasted. A huge shout out to Sher at Falling Down House for passing this recipe around. It is divine! I certainly will be making it again… except I plan on doing it correctly next time! 🙂 She calls it the Breakfast Butterscotch Pull Apart Loaf!
Frozen Dinner Rolls
1 stick of butter
1/2 Cup brown sugar
1 box (not the larger one) Cook & Serve Butterscotch Pudding (it has to be cook and serve! don’t even try instant. Can I just tell you how hard it was for me to find Cook & Serve? I was asking Sher if it even existed!)
Deep Pan (Sher uses a Bundt pan and I think that’s where I went wrong in this…. I don’t own a Bundt pan)
Cooking Spray

Butterscotch Breakfast Pull Apart

1. Coat your deep pan with cooking spray (again, try to use a bundt pan if possible… my rolls began to burn on the outside and did practically nothing on the inside.)
2. Add your frozen dinner rolls to your pan. When I first got started, I thought “man my dish is super deep! I can probably double this recipe in one pan!” so I dumped ALL my dinner rolls into the pan, and then continued to the next step before I remembered my Cinnamon Roll attempt where the rolls quadrupled in size during the “rise over night” part and I immediately had to improvise so that my Breakfast Butterscotch would not have the same fate. I grabbed another deep dish and tried to separate the rolls and brown sugar I had already poured evenly. Do yourself a favor and just stick to the plan of 18 dinner rolls per bundt pan.
3. Add 1/2 cup brown sugar  remember at this point I now have two pans and therefore doubling the recipe.

Butterscotch Breakfast Pull Apart

4. Add 1 package of cook and serve butterscotch pudding mix

Butterscotch Breakfast Pull Apart

5. Melt your stick of butter and pour over pans.

Butterscotch Breakfast Pull Apart
Butterscotch Breakfast Pull Apart

6. Cover and let rise overnight.

Butterscotch Breakfast Pull Apart

Once again, my rolls “rise over night” step has been an over acheiver. Will I ever get this step correctly? Is my home too warm? I need to skip the ‘over night’ step and watch them very carefully I guess. Or else stop putting so many rolls in a pan! 🙂

Butterscotch Breakfast Pull Apart

7. Bake 350 for 25-30 minutes
8. Put a plate over top of the pan, and flip! All the juices will now flow down and coat your entire pan of bread. Mmmmm so yummy.

Butterscotch Breakfast Pull Apart
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Butterscotch Breakfast Pull Apart

Like I said in the beginning of this post, mine do not look nearly as appetizing as Sher’s…. I highly recommend looking at her final picture for the mouth watering picture 🙂

The Pull Apart bread was a success none the less, in that it all got eaten still! The flavor is unbelievable and because they are all individual rolls baked together the “pull apart” part works great 🙂

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