Cabbage Patch Kid Beanie

15 Oct

There was a pin floating around pinterest a couple weeks ago of a Cabbage Patch Kid Beanie. I don’t know if it was supposed to be a tutorial, or product from a shop or what because all that was pinned was an image. All I knew was that I wanted one! But, I don’t crochet or knit. So I turned to my cousin Mallory, who is super handy with this kind of stuff. I sent her a picture of the idea, and inquired if it was possible. Next thing I know, a package arrived in the mail and I now have my very own Cabbage Patch Kid in real life!

Cabbage Patch Kid Beanie

She knitted a hat, and then using the same yarn, made the bangs and piggy tails! It will be Roslyn’s Halloween costume this year. I’m putting together the cutest baby doll outfit. The original costume for Roslyn, she has already outgrown! But since this is a hat, I can just whip together some clothing from her closet and carry around my Cabbage Patch Kid!
Jolene wanted to try it on too. She’s more of a ham than Roslyn. I can’t even get Ros to smile if the camera is out. So here is my better model: 

Cabbage Patch Kid Hat

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