Cabinet Knob Upgrade

27 Feb

Kitchen Cabinet knobs are expensive! While compiling a list of upgrades I wish to do to our kitchen, I thought replacing the knobs would be the easiest fix for now. I needed change in the kitchen and I needed it now. After research knobs online, I discovered not only are there many different kinds, but they are pricey! My easy fix was certainly not going to be cheap. I decided to try a cabinet knob upgrade of my own- with spray paint! They were a brassy gold before (just your common builder grade- like everything else in this home). 


We have a bit of an odd shaped kitchen, it is like a square but missing two opposite corners (one is the pantry and one is the entry). It’s a lot of orange, gold, and brown going on in there.Cabinet Knobs Upgrade

Here’s my little trick to spray painting the knobs. Instead of laying them on newspaper and spray one side before having to rotate them to spray again, I just stuck them through a thin piece of Styrofoam. Using their own screws to hold them up on end, the styrofoam made it easier to spray paint once. No rotation needed.




And here are my cabinets with black knobs.

My before and after shots….

Before and After….

Before and after….aftercollageBeforeAfterCollage BeforeAndAfter

Now I know what you might be thinking- that kitchen need a lot more work than spray painted knobs! I know. I know. We’re getting to it. That gold tin back splash is the next to be upgraded. Hopefully, this month. The cabinets are definitely going to be replaced as well, but probably not for about a year. We have a few other things to focus on finishing up first.

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  1. Dana at Happy Little Lovelies March 8, 2013 at 9:23 am #

    Stopping by from the Pity Party….love this! They look great and make a big difference!

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