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Chocolate Chip Bag Tip

31 Jul

Chocolate Chip Bag Aid

Here’s an idea floating around pinterest that is so cool I had to jump on and show you all…. A Chocolate Chip Bag Tip!What do you do with a chocolate chip bag after it’s been opened but not fully used? There’s the classic roll it up on itself and tuck it tight back in the cupboard, […]

How To Make A Toilet Paper Roll Holder

10 Jul

How To make A toilet paper roll holder

I am starting to get tired of my unfinished (decor wise) rooms in our house. I blame it on moving from a small apartment into a home. All of a sudden all the decor we have been blessed with look so small in a real sized room. Recently, I noticed that we have no cute […]

How To Fold King Size Sheets (Fitted Included)

8 May

My husband worked at a mattress store while in college. He can tell you more about mattresses than you probably want to know. Good news for me, that means we scored on a top of the line mattress (FREE!) while we were “starving college students”. We quickly upgraded from our hand-me-down queen size bed (thank you […]

Hand Soap Dish Soap Decal

9 Mar

If you’re fancy like my mom, you have two soaps next to the kitchen sink. One for your hands, and one for the dishes. If you’re not fancy, like me, sometimes you mistaken the non-translucent one for lotion because the translucent one is obviously the soap. Sigh. Am I alone in this mishap? Please tell […]

DIY Homemade Dishwasher Detergent

5 Mar

Pin ItI suppose that with buying a new house came a lot of need for cleaning supplies but wanting to try out ways to save a dime or two. While I have to update my posts for Laundry Detergent with my most recent feelings on them since it has been a month or two, I […]

Chalkboard Menu Board

28 Feb

While this particular frame won’t work for every household, the idea  for this Chalkboard Menu Board does! You see, my mom has a special system for her household- we used to call her microwave mom growing up cause she hates cooking so if it was microwavable, she usually bought it for dinners. She has a […]

DIY Powder Laundry Detergent Recipe

27 Feb

My previous post of Liquid Laundry Detergent Recipe was such a huge hit, I had people actually requesting the powder version. How much do you love me? … Cause I’ve got a powder recipe for you. Mind you, the liquid version comes out to be .028 cents a load which is the best value, this […]

Update On Fabric Softner Post

4 Feb

I just wanted to update my Fabric Softner Post…. It is all A.O.K. people, I repeat, A.O.K.! I have found my sponges! They did NOT get sucked into the dryer or eaten by the dryer ducts. They, in fact, were eaten by socks and pillow cases! Of which they went undetected and were not found […]

How To Save On Fabric Softener

31 Jan

Pin It Allow me to start with a disclaimer that although, in theory this “how-to” worked, a minor detail was a total FAIL. You will see as I explain below…. Last week I posted a recipe for Homemade Liquid Laundry soap– to accompany this, I’ve also experimented with The Duggars Inexpensive Fabric Softener Recipe. Below […]

Homemade Liquid Laundry Detergent Recipe

19 Jan

Pin ItLast year, I posted a recipe for DIY Laundry Detergent I found on The Duggar’s website. As you may recall me stating in the past, I use this blog as a way to keep track of things I someday would like to try. I’m proud to announce that I finally got around to making […]