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Halloween Welcome Banner

23 Oct

New Halloween Banner

You’ve seen in the past the Picket Fence Planter we made for our walk up entry way. It has been about six months since we made it, and it is looking rather filthy lately. Not to mention, it was time to dress things up for the upcoming holiday- a Halloween Welcome Banner! Really, I should […]

DIY Planter

29 Sep

DIY Planter from Tree Crate

Earlier this summer we bought trees for our backyard from a local guy. The trees came in the usual wood crates and we knew we wanted to reuse them. They just look so cool with the metal rings around them. They are very well built too. We decided to turn them into our own DIY […]

How To Deter Flies Naturally

26 Sep

Deter Flies Naturally

The city we moved to used to be all farm land. I know, I know, what city doesn’t have that in their history. Recently, I mean. It recently used to be farm land. In fact, there are still many farms on the outer limits of our city. A few alfalfa/cotton/corn farms, and a few dairy […]

Backyard Deck

16 Sep

DIY Deck

Our backyard is finally moving along again. Our Pergola was finished this past May, and we had been planning on the deck being next ever since. We had the frame work up for the deck for a couple months now- but lots of things were popping up, pushing the deck on the back burner. We […]

DIY Hide-A-Key

15 Sep

Homemade Hide A Key

I don’t know about you, but I love it when my posts have a personal story to go with it. Not all of my projects have a long story or reason to accompany them, but when they do it is always a lot more fun to talk about. Lucky you (or not), today is one […]

Harvest Blessings

6 Sep

It’s time to bust out some autumn decor. In my previous post, I mentioned how I scored a great deal on some metal signs at Hobby Lobby. I bought them last winter when they had all of their fall stuff on sale for 90% off. Each one of these signs, measuring 12×9, cost me 50 cents. […]


8 May

So, you wanna see more of our Pergola, eh? You asked for it! You’ve seen me mention before that we are first time home buyers, and newly home buyers at that! We’ve been in our home 6 months now. When we first did a walk through, we loved the clean slate back yardwe had: Nothing […]

Don’tcha Gnome?

1 May

Garden Gnome

A couple weeks ago I showed you my Picket Fence Planter for our front walkway. My first round of planting failed. I think now Arizona has reached the “too hot to start” season and my flowers are not thriving. After a quick browse through Wal-Mart, I found something to put in my planter! Not only […]

Picket Fence Planter

18 Apr

Picket Fence Planter

This has been a fairly big project in the making. It all started when my husband and father began working on a playhouse for my mom’s backyard. All the scrap wood they threw at the fire pit to burn later, and this wood was way too pretty to be scrap! My mom and I decided […]

Bonzai Bar

1 Feb

My friend Laura has a tiki bar in her backyard that she asked me to make a sign for… I’m not going to lie, I’m pretty happy with it. The clip art I found via Microsoft Word, and the font I already had as well. She asked me to put “Laura’s Bonzai Bar” instead of […]