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My $0 Bathroom Makeover

7 Apr

My Zero Dollar Bathroom Makeover

Have you ever wanted to update a room in your house but haven’t created a budget for it yet? I had my eye on our half bath downstairs ever since we finished the ceiling tile. It’s used by guests and I just needed it to be much more than a closet with a toilet and […]

Installing Ceiling Tile

13 Nov

the most common overlooked space when remodeling is the ceiling. Add a stunning elegance to your space with ceiling tile from

One of the most common places in your home that will get overlooked when you’re doing remodeling projects is the ceiling. We’ve had the amazing opportunity to do a product review of styrofoam ceiling tiles from These 20×20 styrofoam ceiling tiles are incredibly light weight, durable and can be painted (and re-painted!) with any […]

How To Make A Toilet Paper Roll Holder

10 Jul

How To make A toilet paper roll holder

I am starting to get tired of my unfinished (decor wise) rooms in our house. I blame it on moving from a small apartment into a home. All of a sudden all the decor we have been blessed with look so small in a real sized room. Recently, I noticed that we have no cute […]

Determines What We Become |Vinyl|

4 Jan

My one regret with this vinyl is I failed to put the author of the quote at the bottom. I plan on going back and fixing it, but just for the record this quote is from Dieter F. Uchtdorf. I love how subtle this vinyl is in the bathroom. It’s the accent color to the […]