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Installing Ceiling Tile

13 Nov

the most common overlooked space when remodeling is the ceiling. Add a stunning elegance to your space with ceiling tile from

One of the most common places in your home that will get overlooked when you’re doing remodeling projects is the ceiling. We’ve had the amazing opportunity to do a product review of styrofoam ceiling tiles from These 20×20 styrofoam ceiling tiles are incredibly light weight, durable and can be painted (and re-painted!) with any […]

Mr. Right & Mrs. ALWAYS Right

25 Apr

Mr. Right Mrs. Always Right Pillow Cases

Today is my 4 year anniversary with my husband and lover, Jonathan. Last weekend we dropped our little one off at Grandma’s and spent a night and day in Sedona, Arizona. It seems about every other year we spend our anniversary on a vacation- which is fine by me! More than many people can say! […]