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Large Utensil Holder

9 Feb

Do you remember my Toilet Paper Roll Holders I made from an empty formula can? Well I’ve done it again! These empty formula cans come in handy in so many ways! This time, I’ve created a large utensil holder using the empty can and (Free) paint sticks from a local hardware store.    1. Remove […]

Sorting Out Life One Load At A Time

24 Sep

Laundry Room Vinyl

In my previous post, I mentioned doing vinyl to brighten the day of a friend who has had a hell of a month (or quite literally, the month from Hell). I did one more for her,this time, in her laundry room. I used a bright color (called Wild Cardinal Red) and placed it on a […]

A Little Bit Of Heaven On Earth |Vinyl|

19 Sep

Angel Baby Quote in Vinyl

When we first moved into our house, I needed a way to hide that fact that our bedroom doors were basic builder grade (…some day we will upgrade) so on my eldest’s door I had put a little vinyl quote that I thought was fitting for our girl. I wanted to wait to do our other […]

Temporary Curtains

10 Sep

Jonathan and I have been working so hard on the backyard that we have neglected updates for inside the house. I was talking with a friend the other day when I realized something….. Just because Jonathan is the labor behind 80% of the things we do (including crafts for this blog! I’m just the brains…) […]

Bookshelf To Dollhouse

11 Aug


My dad has a tradition of making his granddaughters dollhouses. He usually does it from scratch, but while driving passed a garage sale one weekend, my parents found a tall (about 5 ft!) bookshelf that was painted to be sort of a barbie house inside. They immediately saw a gem- and with the 3 of […]

Family – You Like This |Vinyl|

10 Aug

Family- Facebook You Like This

We are the generation of social media (actually I think it is the generation younger than me but shhhh! No one has to know my age). According to my facebook timeline, I joined in Oct. of 2004. About the time my college first was granted entrance to the site (before it was open to just […]

How To Make A Toilet Paper Roll Holder

10 Jul

How To make A toilet paper roll holder

I am starting to get tired of my unfinished (decor wise) rooms in our house. I blame it on moving from a small apartment into a home. All of a sudden all the decor we have been blessed with look so small in a real sized room. Recently, I noticed that we have no cute […]

Mr. Right & Mrs. ALWAYS Right

25 Apr

Mr. Right Mrs. Always Right Pillow Cases

Today is my 4 year anniversary with my husband and lover, Jonathan. Last weekend we dropped our little one off at Grandma’s and spent a night and day in Sedona, Arizona. It seems about every other year we spend our anniversary on a vacation- which is fine by me! More than many people can say! […]

Hand Soap Dish Soap Decal

9 Mar

If you’re fancy like my mom, you have two soaps next to the kitchen sink. One for your hands, and one for the dishes. If you’re not fancy, like me, sometimes you mistaken the non-translucent one for lotion because the translucent one is obviously the soap. Sigh. Am I alone in this mishap? Please tell […]

Homemade Liquid Laundry Detergent Recipe

19 Jan

Pin ItLast year, I posted a recipe for DIY Laundry Detergent I found on The Duggar’s website. As you may recall me stating in the past, I use this blog as a way to keep track of things I someday would like to try. I’m proud to announce that I finally got around to making […]