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Halloween Word Search Printable

2 Oct

Halloween Word Search Printable

Time for a little printable fun for the kids. This spooky Halloween word search printable comes to you from Family Education and is perfect for grades 3-5.  You can save the image below, or click here: Halloween Word Search : for the pdf download including a second page with the answers!   I love Family Education […]

Printable Easter Activities

26 Mar

In some parts of the country, winter is still in full swing. In other parts, spring has begun. Here in Arizona it feels as though we’re on to summer already! Monsoons have already begun. What ever the weather, printable Easter activities for kids are a great way to spend a little quiet time in doors. […]

Straw For The Manger Christmas Story & Activity

19 Dec

Straw For The Manager- a Christmas tradition with story and activity

When my brother was in cub scouts (ding back the early 90’s), his troop made something that would become a family tradition. It was called Straw for the Manger, and it had a poem about creating a manger of straw by doing good deeds unnoticed. Every year we would put out the small wooden manger (empty) and […]

Beaded Icicle Ornament

12 Dec

Beaded Icicle Ornament tutorial- easy for the kids! Pipe Cleaners and Beads, twisted around a pencil to shape

My parents do a mini preschool with the daycare girl and my daughters a few times a week. This past week, my dad was in charge of the craft activity. They made the easiest Christmas tree ornament that the even my 18 month old enjoyed putting together. Once again, I turn the blog time over […]

Potty Party

26 Aug

Potty Party Toilet Candle

I heard potty training was hard. I had been collecting tips and tricks about potty training since before I was even through my first trimester with my oldest! Yep, I wanted to be prepared. I wanted to be super mom who had her kid potty trained by 18 months! Haha. Unrealistic, huh? My obsession started […]

How To Swaddle A Baby

20 Aug

How To Swaddle A Baby

When I had my first child, I swear that kid kept kicking out of her blanket. I’d re-wrap and re-wrap all day long. I even purchased the Velcro swaddles and she’d kick so hard it would undo the Velcro. At about 3 months, I finally gave up and she learned to be soothed without it. […]

Blowing Kisses Your Way Card

13 May

Blowing Kisses Your Way Card

This year for Mother’s Day we made a few cards with the kids to send out (I couldn’t post it until I knew theĀ recipientsĀ all received theirs). The tag line for this project, “blowing kisses your way” card, can be used for any affectionate occasion. I created the main part of the card digitally (the caption, […]

R Us Free Valentine’s Day Printable Activity Pages

23 Jan

I can hardly believe the month of January is almost over. This month has been crazy busy here in the Coffey House and I can tell you, coloring pages have saved mommy with extra time to switch laundry loads and make lunches. When I found that the R Us team had free printables for Valentine’s […]

Homemade Bathtub Paint

20 Sep

Homemade Bathtub Paint

On my “Munchkin To-Do’s” board, I had pinned a recipe for homemade bathtub paint. The recipe calls for about a 1/3 a cup of shaving cream per 2-3 drops of food coloring. I have been very curious about this. Some people have said it stained their grout, others said it stained their kid’s skin, while […]

DIY Coloring Wallpaper

8 Feb

What do you do when there is that certain wall your toddler just LOVES to color on? Besides the obvious- time out, “no no no”, do the crime pay the time (cleaning it up) techniques? You may not agree with this as a parenting technique, and that’s okay, I was just trying to survive the […]