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Toddler Chalk Activity

6 Feb

It’s not necessarily hard for me to find things to entertain my toddler, but it is hard for me to keepĀ finding things that will entertain her. She’s like her dad, in that, once you’ve done it it’s time to find something bigger and better to attempt. This past week we visited our local library for […]

How To Make Ice Eggs

25 Jan

Don’t you just love when you stumble across something that is SO easy to do, you’re not sure why you didn’t think of that? It happens to me a lot. Sometimes I think too hard about what I could be doing with my daughter to keep her engaged in activity. Sometimes, the answer is so […]

Dr. Seuss Puzzle Blocks

7 Dec

Sugar Bee Craft Edition has a really cool tutorial on how to make your kids a Dr. Seuss puzzle blocks set! This is a really cute activity made from an old Dr. Seuss book that might be missing some pages (or cover!), have been scribbled on or is otherwise not in perfect condition. Kids will […]