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Blowing Kisses Your Way Card

13 May

Blowing Kisses Your Way Card

This year for Mother’s Day we made a few cards with the kids to send out (I couldn’t post it until I knew the recipients all received theirs). The tag line for this project, “blowing kisses your way” card, can be used for any affectionate occasion. I created the main part of the card digitally (the caption, […]

Fine Finds Friday & Mother’s Day Jewelry

10 May

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Today is a very exciting edition of Fine Finds Friday, not just because we are featuring Mother’s Day Jewelry but because I have teamed up with Julie at Just Winging It to host weekly parties with me! Every Friday Julie holds a “Show Your Stuff” party that I have participated in, where she also shares […]

DIY Quiet Book

18 Apr

DIY Quiet Book

This is a sewn quiet book my mom made for her grandkids- it is so amazing! Every page has a purpose and learning opportunity. The fabric colors and patterns are so fun! I decided to show it off for her so those of you looking for a DIY Quiet Book idea might be inspired. Allow […]

DIY Travel Size Flannel Story Board

13 Feb

DIY Felt Story Board

I couldn’t just stop with one DIY Flannel Story, so I made another. I’m renaming this project as the DIY Travel Size Flannel Story Board because we’ve been bringing these along with us in the car quiet often as of late. This time, I got my story set from the website. I chose The Wise Man […]

R Us Free Valentine’s Day Printable Activity Pages

23 Jan

I can hardly believe the month of January is almost over. This month has been crazy busy here in the Coffey House and I can tell you, coloring pages have saved mommy with extra time to switch laundry loads and make lunches. When I found that the R Us team had free printables for Valentine’s […]

Homemade Bathtub Paint

20 Sep

Homemade Bathtub Paint

On my “Munchkin To-Do’s” board, I had pinned a recipe for homemade bathtub paint. The recipe calls for about a 1/3 a cup of shaving cream per 2-3 drops of food coloring. I have been very curious about this. Some people have said it stained their grout, others said it stained their kid’s skin, while […]

DIY Toddler Bed Rails

21 Aug

DIY Toddler Bed Rails

My toddler gets her sleep habits from me. We both sleep walk, sleep talk, and sleep swim (I’m telling ya, we toss and turn so much we swim in the sheets!). When she gets nightmares and comes in our bed, it’s an elbow to the eye, knee to the gut, toes to the nose kind […]

We Missed You This Much Banner

12 Aug

Welcome Home Banner

My sister returned from college yesterday. She sure was missed! At the very last second (literally… she drove so she was closing in on home faster than I realized) I decided to throw together a “Welcome Home” banner, and I wanted to share it with you because this is such a quick and easy idea. […]

Family – You Like This |Vinyl|

10 Aug

Family- Facebook You Like This

We are the generation of social media (actually I think it is the generation younger than me but shhhh! No one has to know my age). According to my facebook timeline, I joined in Oct. of 2004. About the time my college first was granted entrance to the site (before it was open to just […]

Baby Hair Headbands |Revisited|

12 Jun

Remember my tutorial on making Baby Hair Headbands? It’s the craft that keeps on giving! 😉 My youngest sister had her first baby last December. Her now 6 month old is still bald as can be! (except for the random patch of peach fuzz on top) So, being the bestest Aunt that I am, I […]