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Baby Ornament Photo Shoot

20 Dec

Baby Ornament Photo Shoot

I’m walking through Jo Ann’s with my dad one day when we had this brilliant idea for Z-man’s Christmas photo shoot. Rather than stuffing a baby in a stocking or wrapping like a present, we wanted to make him an ornament! We quickly text my cousin Mallory over at Griffin Handspun to see if she […]

Autumn Horizon Color Inspiration

19 Nov

Autumn Horizon Color Inspiration from an Arizona Sunrise with White Faced Ibis birds

Jonathan is pretty genius when it comes to nature and his camera lens. This shot he captured off a farm near our house one early morning has me really inspired. The colors are beautiful, the sunrise is breath taking, and the “white faced ibis” bird train is literally picture perfect. I had this picture made […]

Knitted Pumpkin Hat

7 Nov

Knitted Pumpkin Hat Photoprop

My cousin Mallory is a very talented lady when it comes to knitting, crochet, HANDSPUN yarn, etc. Last year for Halloween, she made my Roslyn’s Cabbage Patch Kid beanie… this year, my dad had her make a knitted Pumpkin Hat for a photoprop… pictures courtesy Griffin Family Photo– if you’re in the Phoenix area my […]

1 Year Photo Shoot

2 Oct

Roslyn's 1 Year Photo Shoot

I don’t get out to go shopping much. We’re a one car family so if I wanted to go shopping I’d be taking away from family time at night or weekends. However, there was a day last year that I had the car from my husband for the day for doctor appointments. I was still […]

Printable Photo Bracket Books

9 Sep

Printable Photo Bracket Book

Printable Photo Bracket Books are an easy way to make creative quiet books, scrapbooks or educational books for on-the-go. My last photo bracket book freebie was so popular I thought it was about time to bring in a few more sets for you to choose from. You will want to hurry over to the provided links […]

Maternity Photo Shoot

16 Jul

Maternity Photo Shoot

You know how they say with your first child you do everything, with your second you do less, and with your third + you do nothing? Man, is that true! I have scrapbooks upon scrapbooks of pregnancy and first 2 years of my oldest’s life. I have half a scrapbook of my 2nd. And so far nothing […]

Golf Club Head Cover Tutorial

28 May

Golf Club Head Cover Tutorial

With Father’s Day around the corner, I wanted to share with you a golden find I’ve been keeping bookmarked for quite some time now. Long before Pinterest did all this bookmarking for the future work for me, I had to keep a folder of bookmarks to remember. I’m finally cleaning that folder out. Many of […]

How To Make A Huge Number Prop

2 May

how to make a huge number prop

With my daughter’s first birthday coming up, I started thinking up ideas for her 1 year photo shoot. I wanted to try to create a large photo prop from scratch and immediately thought of those large numbers you see in kiddie photo studios. My only problem was, I knew I didn’t want a studio photo […]

Upcycle Bike

8 Feb

Are you ready to see a $10 garage sale find get new life? I’d love to take full credit for this upcycle bike project, but really all I did was provide my mad Silhouette skills. My brother called me shortly before Christmas and told me my niece had asked Santa for a bike for Christmas […]

Custom Halloween Photo Edits

9 Oct

Halloween Photo Edits

PicMonkey is a great go-to website for quick photo editing needs. I mostly use it for easy collage making when I have a project to post but I took too many photos! I personally prefer Photoshop, but PicMonkey makes photo editing easy for the average user who doesn’t have time or patience for Photoshop. For Halloween […]