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Instagram Polaroid Keychain

10 Sep

Instagram Polaroid Keychain Frame

Ever notice how instagram’s photos are square? You can’t put them in frames without having empty space. I thought of an idea to make Instagram Polaroid Keychain frames using shrinkee dink paper. I had some paper left over from my cuff links project that I used. On the directions for shrinkee dink paper, it says […]

DIY Lace Crown Photo Prop

15 Jun

For Roslyn’s 1 month baby pictures, I decided to make a photo prop. Allow me to show you how to make a Lace Crown like this: Supplies You’ll Need: LaceGlossy Accents Paint Fine Glitter Glue First, I measured my baby’s head. I wasn’t sure what kind of look I was going for. I knew it […]

Football Cupcakes

10 Feb

Have you seen those new boxed cupcakes with the filling called Fundamiddles? Mmmm I just love those. I’m not even sure what “flavor” that filling is but it is divine! They make filled cupcakes so easy (I am not paid to say that, it is just truly my opinion!). Superbowl Sunday was a great excuse to […]

How To Dye A Disc (golf)

7 Sep

Mr. Coffey is huge on Disc Golf. It’s not a very popular sport, so don’t feel bad if you have no idea what I’m talking about. You all know the game of golf though, right? Picture that, but get rid of the club and ball- add a disc (don’t say frisbee! that’s a cuss word […]

Golf Cupcakes

18 May

My husband, dad, brother, sister’s husband, and husband’s brother are all golfers (did you follow that?) Or at least you could say, they golf. Perhaps not “Golfers” per say. Bwahaha. So for my brother in law’s birthday we made these darling cupcakes: Graham Cracker “bunker” Sugar Pearl “Golf Ball” (do you see it there in […]

Sports & Name Sign

30 Apr

If you can pardon the floor shot, I’d like to show you another wood plank I made for a co-worker   I got my wood plank at Hobby Lobby for $6- although my husband usually just cuts a 1×4 for me- purchased longer (from local stores or… 1″x4″ Clear Western Red Cedar 4′ Board [CAPITOL […]

Photoshop Tip: High Pass

23 Mar

I had some photos my dad took that were really cute but kind of too “soft” and some even, out of focus it seemed. My husband showed me a trick that doesn’t necessarily fix it but can make it look a heck of a lot better. I’ll show you what it is… Here’s my original:And […]

Unskinny Bobby: Photo Collage Column

21 Feb

When I first saw this project, I knew I had to have it in my “idea file” that is better known as Small Fine Print 😉 This would be perfect for that awkward space in your foyer, parlor or other gathering place that needs that extra “mmph” of creativity. Unskinny Boppy found a great way […]