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Potty Party

26 Aug

Potty Party Toilet Candle

I heard potty training was hard. I had been collecting tips and tricks about potty training since before I was even through my first trimester with my oldest! Yep, I wanted to be prepared. I wanted to be super mom who had her kid potty trained by 18 months! Haha. Unrealistic, huh? My obsession started […]

Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood Theme Party

5 Jun

Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood Theme Party

My three year old had only 1 request for her birthday- she wanted a Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood theme party. For those of you with paid cable, you may not know what this is. We have only antenna (sometimes not even that!) and so PBS is the only network my 3 year old knows at home […]

Cafe Themed Baby Shower

20 May

My mom and sisters threw me a baby shower last weekend. This is our first boy, and because we sometimes referred to him as “Coffey Bean” (being that our last name is Coffey), they threw a Cafe themed baby shower. It was adorable! Complete with a chocolate milk bar, fruit salads,¬†pastries¬† almost everything you’d find […]

Message in a bottle

21 Jun

Part 2 of 3 for our Caribbean center pieces is our message in a bottle. Supplies: Message bottles (party city 6 for $12 came as a luau party invite) MessageLighterRaffia 1. Print your message (we used card stock), using the lighter burn off the edges and smoke the middle. 2. Roll it up and tie […]

Oopsey Daisy: Dr. Seuss Celebration

24 Apr

I am such a sucker for themed parties. Check out Oopsey Daisy’s Dr. Seuss Celebration:

Calico And Cupcakes: Carnival Themed Party

10 Apr

A Fine Finds Friday Participant I love me a good themed party. I was queen of themed parties in college. I have a themed party in the making currently…. a couple actually… and I love finding inspiration online for things you can do for themed parties. Let’s tuck this one away for safe keeping in […]