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His And Hers Mugs

5 Aug

His And Hers Mugs

This is a fun and trendy gift idea for under $5! Mugs with a mustache for him, the Mr., and a kiss for her, the Mrs. Darling, right? These His & Hers mugs require only 3 supplies; 2 mugs (dollar store), Oil-based Sharpie pen (about $2 at most arts & crafts stores, try to use […]

Ink Stained Tile

23 Aug

Decorative Stained Tile

This post was first seen on Somewhat Simple. As a contributor to Somewhat Simple, I am able to provide my contributing tutorial.    Vinyl is good for much more than just a decoration. It can be used as a tool for decorating as well. Especially the premium vinyl (part of the promotion! now is your chance to […]

Decorative Stained Tile

17 Aug

Where Words Fail, Music Speaks stained tile

This post of “Pinned There, Done That, Wrote the Post” is a bit of a different one. I have a Quote Board where I keep things I want to vinyl some day, or that I think would be a great add to a card. For this particular quote I had pinned (the original source has […]

Dying A Stained Shirt

3 May

I  always say how funny it is that a baby’s first year of life you always back extra clothes because you never know with spit up or spill outs. Then for about a year, you’re free and clear. But the second year, you’re back to packing extra clothes because there is no keeping a kid […]