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Crafty Sisters: Pottery Barn Art Boards

2 Apr

There is nothing more fun than finding something expensive and redoing it as your creation for less! The Crafty Sisters have recreated Pottery Barn Art Boards– check it out!

Paisley Passions: Menu Board

17 Mar

Step aside boring, cliche’, predictable menu board! Paisley Passions has a whole new idea to offer:  Paisley Passions Menu Board: It is TOO cute, SO clever and very functional! Click on over to see her tutorial so you can make it too!!!

All Things Thrifty: Mom’s Ultimate Survival Kit

16 Mar

My purse is a mess! Stage 4 pack rat purser! I have random things that I just KNOW I’m going to need while out and about some day so I don’t take them out of my purse. It’s an adventure just digging through my purse to find a pen, or Kleenex, etc. I’ve seen those […]

St. Patrick’s Day Kitchen Towels

10 Mar

St. Patrick's Kitchen Towels

Walking around Target the other day I found a pack of 3 kitchen towels on sale for $2.08. They had a couple different colors, but I snagged the last green with a specific craft in mind for a certain Holiday rapidly approaching. Okay, you guessed it. I’m making St. Patrick’s Day Kitchen Towels. I started with […]

Cake Circles To Room Decor

24 Feb

Cake Circles To Room Decor

Some chefs get bored and make up a new meal with whatever they find in the cupboards. Some crafters get bored and create decor with whatever materials they find around the house. Which is exactly what happened when I turned Cake Circles to Room Decor. I had these 10″ Wilton Cake Circles left over from […]

Beaded Book Mark

17 Feb

My mom came to visit for a week and bought a couple books for her plane ride home. She had mentioned that her favorite book mark she ever owned was a Beaded Book Mark made of ribbon. It fits nicely between pages and has pretty beads dangling out the bottom. She had said she always has […]

Felt Heart Wreath

14 Feb

Original source: The Idea Room   I originally attempted this thinking it looked SUPER easy, cheap and fun to do. I was only right about that middle word- cheap. It was so time consuming for this working mom of a 8 month old that it no longer was easy or fun. But I must finish! […]

Giraffe Room Decor

10 Feb

Giraffe Room Decor

Crafting is so much more fun when it is an “upcycle” or repurposed item. At work, a classroom clock had broken so with permission I brought it home. I knew exactly what I wanted to use it for. Only the motor was broke really. The hands were bent quite bad but I can fix that. […]

Lost Socks Laundry Room Aid

12 Jan

Pin ItI’ve seen this idea a hundred times before but usually it involved a wood plank you hang on your laundry room wall. I simply, do not have a laundry room. More like a laundry closet. No, smaller than a closet. Laundry… pantry? You get my point. I decided to take the idea and adapt […]

Printable Disney Shrinkee Dinks

8 Jan

I totally remember doing shrinkee dinks when I was little. My mom is SUPER creative and artsy fartsy. She’d draw our characters herself! Anything we wanted! She often used shrink paper for church hand outs too (inspiration idea!)…. I however, am no artist. I have to find my shrinkee dink characters via clip art! Today […]