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Mailed My Own Card With

9 Oct

If there is one thing my kids and I love to do, it’s send cards to long distance relatives. What usually happens is we pick out a card at the store, then develop photo prints of recent happenings and mail them together. Sometimes, the cards and photos sit in the envelope for days on end […]

Print & Cut Halloween Take Out Box

8 Oct

Print & Cut Halloween Take Out Box

Need a cute way to give a goodie to a class or neighbor? Try a print & cut Halloween take out box! This is such a fun way to put together a Halloween treat- without the spook and creep (like my printable Halloween coffin box from last year!). Right now, these adorable little digital downloads […]

Temple Frosted Mirror

1 Oct

Etched Glass Temple frosted onto a Mirror

My Temple Frosted Mirror post was originally written as a contributing post for As a regular contributor for Somewhat Simple, I also bring my special projects to Small Fine Print for your enjoyment.    There’s more to etched glass than just frosted see through glass! Sure you can add a last name to a […]

1 Dollar Lamp Makeover

25 Sep

1 Dollar Lamp Makeover

My mom has these bar lamp shades over her island in the kitchen. She has hated them ever since they first bought the house and for a couple years now has always been on the hunt for replacements. She doesn’t like that they look like they’ve been spackled on… as if they were put on […]

3D Paper Box

22 Sep

3D Paper Box

Do you know the problem with surprises? Sometimes the person you are trying to surprise finds a solution before you can bring over the surprise. This story has very little to do with the topic of this post except for what I used it for. My mom was in charge of a bridal shower this […]

Printable Photo Bracket Books

9 Sep

Printable Photo Bracket Book

Printable Photo Bracket Books are an easy way to make creative quiet books, scrapbooks or educational books for on-the-go. My last photo bracket book freebie was so popular I thought it was about time to bring in a few more sets for you to choose from. You will want to hurry over to the provided links […]

Visiting Teaching Phone Cards

27 Aug

Visiting Teaching Phone Card

Here is a quick download for you as an aid for the ladies on your Visiting Teaching list. I created these Visiting Teaching phone cards as a 4×6 or wallet size print out. I uploaded them to my local photo print shop for one hour print and then gave them to my ladies for a […]

Potty Party

26 Aug

Potty Party Toilet Candle

I heard potty training was hard. I had been collecting tips and tricks about potty training since before I was even through my first trimester with my oldest! Yep, I wanted to be prepared. I wanted to be super mom who had her kid potty trained by 18 months! Haha. Unrealistic, huh? My obsession started […]

“Berry Special” Basket Of Strawberries Handout

19 Aug

Berry Basket Handout

These adorable strawberries are sure to brighten anyone’s day. While they don’t appear to be edible, untie the paper berry to reveal a special goodie inside! My mom and I filled them with Hershey’s Kisses and passed them out to her Relief Society sisters who have callings in other auxiliaries. It just served as a […]

DIY Gift Bags

13 Aug

Print & Cut DIY Gift Bags

Have you ever wanted to make a gift bag for cookies or treats? With this month’s freebie from My Memories Suite, you could learn how to create your own scrapbook paper digitally and then print and cut DIY gift bags with your paper creation! Do I have your attention now? My Memories Suite has a great template […]