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Bookshelf To Dollhouse

11 Aug


My dad has a tradition of making his granddaughters dollhouses. He usually does it from scratch, but while driving passed a garage sale one weekend, my parents found a tall (about 5 ft!) bookshelf that was painted to be sort of a barbie house inside. They immediately saw a gem- and with the 3 of […]

Desktop Gumball Machine

17 Jun

My Father’s Day gift to my dad this year was a homemade desktop gumball machine (candy dish, my dad doesn’t chew gum). My dad has a vintage gumball machine at his house that the grandkids love to ask for a quarter for and then get Trix Cereal out of (hehe). I decided to make him his own […]

Bunny Easter Baskets

5 Apr

My parents are so talented. I feel like I get a little creative edge from them, but not quite to their magnitude yet! When I was little, my dad was a huge woodworker. He’d create all sorts of things for us kids. My mom is a very talented painter. When I was little, my dad created […]

Chalkboard Menu Board

28 Feb

While this particular frame won’t work for every household, the idea  for this Chalkboard Menu Board does! You see, my mom has a special system for her household- we used to call her microwave mom growing up cause she hates cooking so if it was microwavable, she usually bought it for dinners. She has a […]

Cookie Countdown

1 Dec

Having a fun Christmas Countdown in the house is fun for kids, but this Cookie Countdown jar can be yummy too! U Vinyl has the tutorial to make this Cookie Countdown jar. This puts a fun spin on Christmas Advent Calendars and can be easily made with just a few supplies- check it out! What You’ll […]

Crafty Sisters: Pottery Barn Art Boards

2 Apr

There is nothing more fun than finding something expensive and redoing it as your creation for less! The Crafty Sisters have recreated Pottery Barn Art Boards– check it out!

Easy Glass Stone Magnets

2 Mar

Easy Glass Stone Magnets

I’ve made a ton of these before- so easy!  It is a simple craft that kids adore. You can add this one to your Summer Camp list of activities to do with kids. There are a few different ways to do this. I like doing pictures or scrapbook paper on the back instead, but this […]

DIY Modern Clock Redo

3 Feb

Remember my post about our DIY Modern Wall Clock?   Well, well we’ve redone it again. In my original post, I mentioned we had different hands originally but they got bent so we settled with these tiny gold ones. At work we had a teacher turn in a wall clock that had a broken motor, […]

Subway Art

11 Jan

For those of you who do not have a CriCut or Silhouette, this tutorial is for you! My Repurposed Life created a Subway Art board, and unlike those tutorials you see out there of using vinyl, she used Tracing Paper and paint! I’ve used tracing paper before, it is super easy! So don’t be afraid […]

Chalkboard Friday Countdown Mug

22 Dec

At work every year we do “Secret Birthday Pal”, where we fill out a “my likes” sheet and throw it in a bucket then draw someone else’s name. The week of that person’s birthday you secretly leave them little things of “their likes” and on their birthday reveal yourself with the big and final horray […]