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Amore Bunting

18 Feb

Amore Bunting with Sketch Pen image

This post was first seen on Somewhat Simple. As a contributing writer for Somewhat Simple, I get to offer Small Fine Print readers the same deals and promotions. See end of post.I’m just going to go ahead and call this project my triple threat. It has cardstock, it has adhesive vinyl, and it has sketch […]

Custom Power Wheels Car

7 Jan

Custom Power Wheels Car

For my niece’s birthday, some relatives went in together to get her a power wheels car. The coolest part about her car, is that it comes with a remote control for mommy and daddy. So until she learns to drive it herself, mom and dad can drive her in it. When she learns to use […]

Subway Art – Love Like Crazy Lyrics

12 Jun

Subway Art: Love Like Crazy Lyrics

Have you seen the art of “Subway”? It is actually very fun (and easy!) to make. Whip up your creative side because this form of home decor is all about how you think it should be squeezed together. This was a wedding gift for my little sister. She fell in love with the song “Love Like […]

Upcycle Bike

8 Feb

Are you ready to see a $10 garage sale find get new life? I’d love to take full credit for this upcycle bike project, but really all I did was provide my mad Silhouette skills. My brother called me shortly before Christmas and told me my niece had asked Santa for a bike for Christmas […]

Always Kiss Me Goodnight

24 Sep

Always Kiss Me Goodnight

A friend of mine has had a very stressful and trying month. Less than a year after moving here, they sold their house and bought a new one (down sizing to a smaller one story). The week before the big move, her husband has not 1 but 2 heart attacks. He was scheduled for a […]

A Little Bit Of Heaven On Earth |Vinyl|

19 Sep

Angel Baby Quote in Vinyl

When we first moved into our house, I needed a way to hide that fact that our bedroom doors were basic builder grade (…some day we will upgrade) so on my eldest’s door I had put a little vinyl quote that I thought was fitting for our girl. I wanted to wait to do our other […]

Family Rules |vinyl|

6 Sep

The only thing I hate about creating a vinyl decal for a customer, is never getting a great finished project picture. Still, I love to post them because they are great inspiration sometimes. Maybe they can spark an idea in someone and get them creating themselves. For this customer, I created a Family Rules vinyl […]

Harvest Blessings

6 Sep

It’s time to bust out some autumn decor. In my previous post, I mentioned how I scored a great deal on some metal signs at Hobby Lobby. I bought them last winter when they had all of their fall stuff on sale for 90% off. Each one of these signs, measuring 12×9, cost me 50 cents. […]

No Soliciting… Unless You’re Selling Thin Mints

6 Sep

Unless you're selling thin mints

I do a lot of local vinyl selling (I prefer it this way, I hate dealing with shipping!) and recently had a very funny request. I’ve seen signs similar to this floating around the web but this one is slightly different. It is a No Soliciting… Unless You’re Selling Thin Mints kind of sign! I […]

A Grandma’s Love

15 Aug

Grandma's Love

My mom’s birthday is coming up, and as usual I wanted to make her a gift. I found this quote and knew it was a keeper. My mother is a fantastic grandmother. She loves her grandbabies so much and makes it known. When I was pregnant with my first, she drove from Arizona to Missouri, and […]