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Bookshelf To Dollhouse

11 Aug


My dad has a tradition of making his granddaughters dollhouses. He usually does it from scratch, but while driving passed a garage sale one weekend, my parents found a tall (about 5 ft!) bookshelf that was painted to be sort of a barbie house inside. They immediately saw a gem- and with the 3 of […]

Labeling Folders

10 Aug

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 It’s back to school time, and although I don’t have any kids in school (yet), my project today can definitely spice up your school year. My project is to help organize my personal records for my two girls. I’m labeling our folders using vinyl. Sometimes I get so caught up in just showing projects as before and […]

Family – You Like This |Vinyl|

10 Aug

Family- Facebook You Like This

We are the generation of social media (actually I think it is the generation younger than me but shhhh! No one has to know my age). According to my facebook timeline, I joined in Oct. of 2004. About the time my college first was granted entrance to the site (before it was open to just […]

Friends Quote |Vinyl|

16 Jul

God Made Us Friends Because No Mother Could Handle Us As Sisters

My sister is about to return from college (yay!!! My daughter is so excited for her Auntie to come home) but before she could leave, she wanted to give a gift to her roommates. It sounds like her college experience has been very similar to mine, and probably a lot of people. At first living […]

I have always known it was you |vinyl|

29 Jun

Are you ready for a love story? My husband and I grew up down the street from each other in California. We have siblings of similar age that were always hanging out and over at each other’s homes. Our mom’s were best friends. Any new household rule or chore was tested out in both homes, […]

Proverbs 3:5-6

21 Jun

One of my Aunt’s asked me to help her with a vinyl project for my cousin. My cousin’s favorite scripture is Proverbs 3:5-6, and my aunt wanted to make her something for her apartment with the scripture on it. I just love it when someone asks me to do a vinyl project for them. I truly […]

Desktop Gumball Machine

17 Jun

My Father’s Day gift to my dad this year was a homemade desktop gumball machine (candy dish, my dad doesn’t chew gum). My dad has a vintage gumball machine at his house that the grandkids love to ask for a quarter for and then get Trix Cereal out of (hehe). I decided to make him his own […]

Hand Soap Dish Soap Decal

9 Mar

If you’re fancy like my mom, you have two soaps next to the kitchen sink. One for your hands, and one for the dishes. If you’re not fancy, like me, sometimes you mistaken the non-translucent one for lotion because the translucent one is obviously the soap. Sigh. Am I alone in this mishap? Please tell […]

Families Are Forever |Vinyl|

3 Feb

One of the simplest gifts to give are those containing vinyl! At least for me… and I love doing it! It’s a cheap alternative for wedding gifts when money is tight- and, who doesn’t love home decor? I mean really? All you need is a good piece of wood and your silhouette (not paid to say […]

After I Finish Laughing |Vinyl|

11 Jan

Aren’t quotes so fun to do in vinyl? Especially in large form on empty walls. It really does add a great touch to a room. It’s incredibly cheap too, an alternative to large paintings. In the guest room where we put the friendship quote, we also added this vinyl: “Always remember that if you fall […]