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DIY Giant Teacher’s Pencil

6 Mar

DIY Giant Teacher's Pencil

This was a fun project to do as a teacher’s gift. I had seen a few fellow crafters doing something similar on a crafters forum I’m in, only they were purchasing their pencils and doing the entire thing with vinyl (vinyl pink, silver, yellow and black). I wanted to try it from scratch and with […]

Straw For The Manger Christmas Story & Activity

19 Dec

Straw For The Manager- a Christmas tradition with story and activity

When my brother was in cub scouts (ding back the early 90’s), his troop made something that would become a family tradition. It was called Straw for the Manger, and it had a poem about creating a manger of straw by doing good deeds unnoticed. Every year we would put out the small wooden manger (empty) and […]

How To Make A Huge Number Prop

2 May

how to make a huge number prop

With my daughter’s first birthday coming up, I started thinking up ideas for her 1 year photo shoot. I wanted to try to create a large photo prop from scratch and immediately thought of those large numbers you see in kiddie photo studios. My only problem was, I knew I didn’t want a studio photo […]

A Grandma’s Love

15 Aug

Grandma's Love

My mom’s birthday is coming up, and as usual I wanted to make her a gift. I found this quote and knew it was a keeper. My mother is a fantastic grandmother. She loves her grandbabies so much and makes it known. When I was pregnant with my first, she drove from Arizona to Missouri, and […]

Bookshelf To Dollhouse

11 Aug


My dad has a tradition of making his granddaughters dollhouses. He usually does it from scratch, but while driving passed a garage sale one weekend, my parents found a tall (about 5 ft!) bookshelf that was painted to be sort of a barbie house inside. They immediately saw a gem- and with the 3 of […]

Friends Quote |Vinyl|

16 Jul

God Made Us Friends Because No Mother Could Handle Us As Sisters

My sister is about to return from college (yay!!! My daughter is so excited for her Auntie to come home) but before she could leave, she wanted to give a gift to her roommates. It sounds like her college experience has been very similar to mine, and probably a lot of people. At first living […]

Proverbs 3:5-6

21 Jun

One of my Aunt’s asked me to help her with a vinyl project for my cousin. My cousin’s favorite scripture is Proverbs 3:5-6, and my aunt wanted to make her something for her apartment with the scripture on it. I just love it when someone asks me to do a vinyl project for them. I truly […]


8 May

So, you wanna see more of our Pergola, eh? You asked for it! You’ve seen me mention before that we are first time home buyers, and newly home buyers at that! We’ve been in our home 6 months now. When we first did a walk through, we loved the clean slate back yardwe had: Nothing […]

Bunny Easter Baskets

5 Apr

My parents are so talented. I feel like I get a little creative edge from them, but not quite to their magnitude yet! When I was little, my dad was a huge woodworker. He’d create all sorts of things for us kids. My mom is a very talented painter. When I was little, my dad created […]

Families Are Forever |Vinyl|

3 Feb

One of the simplest gifts to give are those containing vinyl! At least for me… and I love doing it! It’s a cheap alternative for wedding gifts when money is tight- and, who doesn’t love home decor? I mean really? All you need is a good piece of wood and your silhouette (not paid to say […]