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Sports & Name Sign

30 Apr

If you can pardon the floor shot, I’d like to show you another wood plank I made for a co-worker   I got my wood plank at Hobby Lobby for $6- although my husband usually just cuts a 1×4 for me- purchased longer (from local stores or… 1″x4″ Clear Western Red Cedar 4′ Board [CAPITOL […]

Crafting In The Rain: Laundry Sign

9 Apr

As of now, all I can call my own when it comes to a Laundry Facility is the rental machines that came with the apartment, and the 6×4 closet they sit in. HOWEVER, my friends, that does not mean I can’t dress it up to be my own! And I love this idea for Laundry […]

Crafty Sisters: Pottery Barn Art Boards

2 Apr

There is nothing more fun than finding something expensive and redoing it as your creation for less! The Crafty Sisters have recreated Pottery Barn Art Boards– check it out!

DIY Modern Clock Redo

3 Feb

Remember my post about our DIY Modern Wall Clock?   Well, well we’ve redone it again. In my original post, I mentioned we had different hands originally but they got bent so we settled with these tiny gold ones. At work we had a teacher turn in a wall clock that had a broken motor, […]

Lost Socks Laundry Room Aid

12 Jan

Pin ItI’ve seen this idea a hundred times before but usually it involved a wood plank you hang on your laundry room wall. I simply, do not have a laundry room. More like a laundry closet. No, smaller than a closet. Laundry… pantry? You get my point. I decided to take the idea and adapt […]

Subway Art

11 Jan

For those of you who do not have a CriCut or Silhouette, this tutorial is for you! My Repurposed Life created a Subway Art board, and unlike those tutorials you see out there of using vinyl, she used Tracing Paper and paint! I’ve used tracing paper before, it is super easy! So don’t be afraid […]

Dr. Seuss Puzzle Blocks

7 Dec

Sugar Bee Craft Edition has a really cool tutorial on how to make your kids a Dr. Seuss puzzle blocks set! This is a really cute activity made from an old Dr. Seuss book that might be missing some pages (or cover!), have been scribbled on or is otherwise not in perfect condition. Kids will […]

DIY Coat Rack

2 Dec

We desperately needed a coat rack for our apartment, but are very limited to space. We  wanted it to be unique and everything we saw in the stores was the opposite of unique. Being the creative type that we are, we quickly decided it would not be hard to create our own DIY Coat Rack. […]

DIY Modern Clock

16 Nov

DIY Modern Clock

At our local Hobby Lobby store you can purchase Clock pieces for making your own clock. My husband had this idea (I know! I love it when he gets crafty with me!) to go modern with a clock. I’m going to show you our step by step DIY Modern Clock. Here’s what we did: At […]